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Module: Day One Analysis

Module: Day One Analysis

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What is it? Day One Analysis is an analytical tool that gives a quick insight into the opportunities for spend in a business, along with an assessment of what factors may be influencing any disconnect you find.

How does it work? The purpose of Day One Analysis is to gain an understanding of the market from both the supplier’s and the customer's point of view. It is also a useful tool to consider what areas of spend or products you are planning to negotiate and the potential negotiation approaches to use.

What is the structure of the course? It is 60 minutes of eLearning and comprises of 2 microlearning modules; an explanation video and an interactive challenge-based eLearning module. The course expires after 30 days.

Who is it suitable for?  Novice to Expert. 

When is it useful?  Category Management, negotiation and as a general tool for understanding suppliers and the market.

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