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Procurement Team Competency Assessment

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The Positive Purchasing Competency Assessment program allows you to gain a structured insight into the capabilities of your purchasing team, measured against best practice. The results help to design-focused people development programs concentrating on your highest priority areas. Our programs not only help identify competency gaps, but also provide a framework to engage with every member of the team in a one-to-one situation.

Level 2 - Online procurement self-assessment and individual + group reporting (for group reporting option min 25 persons)

This option is an online-self assessment.  Ideal for individuals or small teams who want to determine where learning and development is required, and perfect as part of a recruitment process, this process concludes with a fully personalized assessment summary and development roadmap.

Level 3 - Full Procurement Competency Assessment (min 10 persons – Includes self assessment and 1-2 hour corroboration interview by web-conference. Individual and team wide reporting

A full team-based competency assessment, with customization options, including managed online self-assessment, corroboration interview and suite of reporting. This option is designed to give individual and team-wide assessment of strengths and opportunities for development, and to identify gaps for improvement based on best practice. This assessment approach is the perfect first step for functions seeking to embark on transformation programs.

Please note: The above prices are quoted exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) and may be subject to UK VAT, or the local equivalent in the customer’s country of purchase, at the prevailing rate, dependent on the status of the customer (B2B or B2C) and the nature of the products being purchased. If you are a B2B customer for our services in the RoW you may find that you need to account for VAT in your country under the reverse charge mechanism.

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