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Module: Understanding and planning for Cultural influences

Module: Understanding and planning for Cultural influences

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What is it? Dealing with cultural influences and differences, and just as importantly, the culture of a business organization, both across and within countries, is paramount to your successful negotiation.

How does it work? This learning module will ensure you understand what approaches to use when dealing with counterparts from other countries and cultures. It covers the basics such as customs regarding the meeting, how to dress and business relationships. It will also ensure you consider any cultural differences regarding individualism, views on authority and long-term outlook on life.

What is the structure of the course?  It is a 30-minute interactive multimedia eLearning module comprising of video, images, text and knowledge checks. The course expires after 30 days.

Who is it suitable for?  Novice to Expert.

When is it useful?  As part of your negotiation planning when considering your opponents.

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