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Module: Understanding your negotiation opponents

Module: Understanding your negotiation opponents

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What is it? Knowing the other team provides insight into how they might negotiate, their personalities and the tactics they may try to use, and will ensure you start the negotiation in a powerful position.

How does it work? This learning module will be introduced to a method for determining the personality types that could be at play and helps to plot out where the opposing team members lie. You will develop an understanding of known issues or risks associated with the negotiation and an idea of the opposing teams’ negotiation personalities.

What is the structure of the course?  It is a 30-minute interactive multimedia eLearning module comprising of video, images, text and knowledge checks. The course expires after 30 days.

Who is it suitable for?  Novice to Expert.

When is it useful?  As part of the planning phase and before engaging with your opponents in the negotiation.

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