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Module: Running the Negotiation Event

Module: Running the Negotiation Event

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What is it? Running the event is all about ensuring you have a planned timeline for the event and are clear on what you will do during the event itself.

How does it work? This learning module will ensure you have considered what needs to be included in the comprehensive meeting agenda: defining all topics for discussion, the sequence in which they will be addressed, how they will be addressed and by whom, the importance of a well-defined and powerful opening statement that seeks to clarify expectations and continue the conditioning of your negotiation opponents.

What is the structure of the course?  It is a 30-minute interactive multimedia eLearning module comprising of video, images, text and knowledge checks. The course expires after 30 days.

Who is it suitable for?  Novice to Expert.

When is it useful?  In planning for the actual negotiation event.

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