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Assessing your opponent, controlling your own spoken and body language

Assessing your opponent, controlling your own spoken and body language

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What is it? This course focuses on the use of body  and spoken language in negotiation. There is nothing soft about soft skills. They are set of qualities or character traits that we all have. They are who we are and encompass our attitudes, habits and the way we interact with people.

How does it work? This learning module will provide you with a deep understanding on how we all act and react during a negotiation and provide you with the tools to read your opponent. Most importantly, controlling what is “on view” not only allows us to decide how we are perceived by others but how to influence our interactions with them. With deliberate practice you will learn to use your innate skills and will achieve greater and more successful outcomes.

What is the structure of the course?  It is a 60-minute interactive multimedia eLearning module comprising of video, images, text and knowledge checks. 

Who is it suitable for?  Novice to Expert.

When is it useful?  The application of the skills should be ueed during the negotiation itself

Time to Complete: 60 minutes

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