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Positive Purchasing Non disclosure agreement

In consideration of you (Positive Purchasing Ltd)  agreeing to supply Confidential Information or provide access to Confidential Information within your online products to me (the client or prospective client as identified in the form) and entering into discussions with us, I agree to enter into this Confidentiality Agreement (“Confidentiality Agreement”) with you.

  1. I hereby undertake to keep confidential all information relating to the business affairs of Positive Purchasing Ltd, its clients, alliance partners and customers which we may have access to, or come into contact with, during the proposed assignment, engagement, discussions, employment or activity.
  2. I confirm that I shall hold the information at all times in strict confidence and under conditions of secrecy
  3. I shall not use the information for any purpose other than for the purpose of evaluating the materials provided by Positive Purchasing Ltd.
  4. I shall not disclose the information to any third party nor use it for the benefit of any third party without prior written consent from Positive Purchasing Ltd.
  5. I shall, upon written demand from Positive Purchasing Ltd at any time, either return the Confidential Information, and all copies in whatever form, to Positive Purchasing Ltd, or confirm in writing that all copies have been destroyed.
  6. I acknowledge that the information is of material importance to Positive Purchasing Ltd.
  7. I acknowledge that the duty to maintain confidentiality does not apply to any information:
  • which at the time of receipt by me is in the public domain.
  • which after its receipt by me is made public by a third party acting without impropriety in so doing.
  • which I can establish by competent proof was in my possession before receipt from Positive Purchasing Ltd and was acquired directly or indirectly from a source wholly independent of Positive Purchasing Ltd.
  • which I am required to disclose, retain or maintain by law or any regulatory or government authority.
  1. I agree that my obligation within this Confidentiality Agreement will survive for a period of thirty six months from the date of termination of the assignment, discussions, employment or activity with Positive Purchasing Ltd to which this Confidentiality Agreement relates.
I agree that this Confidentiality Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of England.