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Supplier Relationship Management

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Written by Positive CEO Jonathan O'Brien, an award-winning author and leading practitioner with over 27 years' experience in the field, this book is the definitive guide to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and a valuable tool to enable organizations to secure maximum value from their supply base. This is achieved by determining the suppliers who are important or hold potential and, based upon what makes them important or even strategic, putting in place interventions unique to each supplier to unlock tangible benefits. It also delivers a framework of resources for anyone who manages or interfaces with important suppliers, for contract management, establishing joint, collaborative relationships with the critical few suppliers who can help bring new competitive advantage.
This fully revised second edition clarifies links between procurement and supply chain management, and explains how ‘The Orchestra of SRM®' approach helps design a highly effective SRM program that will give the greatest return for our efforts. It features new content including the “7 facets of SRM” – the interrelated strategic components that enable, inform, direct and support each other and that surround, shape and determine the central facet which is the specific interventions and what exactly needs to be done with chosen suppliers or supply chains to unlock value.
Jonathan O’Brien seeks to capture the latest thinking and insights in the field of SRM and distills it into a framework which anyone who works with suppliers can follow. 

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