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Red Sheet Online User Subscription (12 Months)

Red Sheet Online User Subscription (12 Months)

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Red Sheet® Online is everything you could ever need to plan and conduct any type of negotiation and provides access to a vast library of negotiation resources.

A subscription to Red Sheet Online will enable you to plan any negotiation, collaborate with peers as needed and develop your negotiation capability. You will get:

  • Full and detailed downloadable guides and instructions for each of the 15 steps of Red Sheet, providing a full explanation of the steps and the key concepts and theory, as well as templates, examples and videos.
  • A catalogue to choose from a range of interactive eLearning for each key step of the Red Sheet Methodology. You can create your own training plan and study the modules you choose in your own time and at your own pace.
  • An online negotiation planning tool to plan each of your negotiations online to create a powerful negotiation plan that you can print or send to those who need to see it. An offline downloadable electronic version is also available.
  • The negotiation tactics and techniques library gives you full access to our ever-increasing negotiation tactics library—the definitive collection of different things negotiators can do to steer negotiations toward achieving the desired outcomes.
  • A culture hub to plan cross-cultural negotiations. The culture hub is an extensive country-by-country guide that gives essential cultural information and planning tips for each country, including the four cultural indicators used by Red Sheet.
  • Body language and spoken language modules that give access to a wealth of examples, photographs and videos that help understand and manage this key aspect of negotiation.

The license entitles you to a Red Sheet Online User Subscription (12 Months).

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